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AOC01 - Ferrero Rocher

One box Ferrero Rocher chocolates (24pcs). (Not available for stand alone order. Must be order with..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

AOC02 - Ferrero Rocher Special 2 - 3 Days

AOC02 - Ferrero Rocher Special

One Box Ferrero Rocher 15pcs (Three Flavour)..

RM33.00 Ex Tax: RM33.00

AOCard01 - Rose For You

A special love card to show your love with a red rose. Size approx H27cm x W22cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard05 - Perfect Couple

We are the perfect loving couple. Approx H30cm x W20cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard06 - Just For You

This special loving card is just for you. Approx H21cm x W28cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard10 - Loving Couple

A loving couple designed card! Approx H30cm x W18cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard11 - Fall In Love

Fallen in love with you! Confess your love for your loved one. Approx H18cm x W22cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard12 - Cheeky Love

Love you with my only heart! Approx H27cm x W23cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard13 - Moo Moo Love

Moo, moo I love you! Approx H13cm x W25cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard14 - I Love U

I love you with my heart! Approx H27cm x W22cm...

RM8.50 Ex Tax: RM8.50

AOCard15 - Cute Doggie

Height: 37CMWidth: 28CM..

RM9.50 Ex Tax: RM9.50

AOCard16 - To Bear With Love

Height : 42CMWidth : 29CM..

RM9.50 Ex Tax: RM9.50

AOCard17 - Piggie Love

Height : 40CMWidth : 28CM..

RM9.50 Ex Tax: RM9.50

AOCard18 - Graduation To Her

Height : 42CMWidth : 25CM..

RM9.50 Ex Tax: RM9.50

AOCard19 - Graduation To Him

Height : 42CMWidth : 22CM..

RM9.50 Ex Tax: RM9.50