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RM 50 To RM 100
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CB25 - Bear & Choc Bouquet (Best Buy)

8 pcs of Ferrero Rocher chocolates with a 16cm toy bear bouquet. Alcohol-free chocolates (HALAL) Be..

RM99.00 Ex Tax: RM93.40

FA05 - Hydrangea Arrangement

Light pink Hydrangea mix with 5 stalks light pink Roses arrange in a small basket.Kindly note that t..

RM106.00 Ex Tax: RM100.00

FA07 - Roses & Gerberas

A combination of roses & gerberas...

RM95.00 Ex Tax: RM89.62

FA08 - Mix Flowers Arg in Mini Pot (BEST BUY)

Mix fresh flowers in a mini pot. BEST BUY. Limited stock. Free delivery in Ipoh city only...

RM85.00 Ex Tax: RM80.19

GB01 - Grad Choco Bouquet

6pcs ferrero rocher chocolates with a 14cm graduation toy...

RM95.00 Ex Tax: RM89.62

HB02 - Champagne Roses with Purple Static

6 stalks roses arm bouquet (Non self-standing) Height: 55cmWidth: 25cm..

RM80.00 Ex Tax: RM75.47

HB04 - Sunflower Bouquet

5 stalks of sunflower wrapping bouquet. (2 days advance order required.)This hand bouquet is self-st..

RM95.00 Ex Tax: RM89.62

HB06- Simple & Touching (BEST BUY)

6 pink Roses with Berries fillers for this simple yet touching arm bouquet designed for any occasi..

RM80.00 Ex Tax: RM75.47

HB08- Rose Bouquet

A very sweet looking mini hand tied bouquet of 6 stalks orange pink roses.Colour option is availab..

RM85.00 Ex Tax: RM80.19

HB12- Snow & Blue (BEST BUY)

9 stalks white roses bouquet with blue wrapping to express your love to her/him forever. BEST BUY T..

RM110.00 Ex Tax: RM103.77

HB17 - Warmest Roses

8 stalks of mix colours rose with a classic wrapping.  This arm bouquet is pack with its o..

RM85.00 Ex Tax: RM80.19

ST12 - Hello Kitty in Basket

5 stalks pink Roses and a 11cm Hello Kitty toy together with 3 pcs of ferrero chocolates in a mini r..

RM83.00 Ex Tax: RM78.30