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CC01 - Daisy Bouquet (Cash & Carry)

1 stalks of Daisy flower bouquet.Colour option is available for this bouquet: red, purple, champagne..

RM10.00 Ex Tax: RM10.00

CC02 - Daisy & Rose Bouquet In Stock

CC02 - Daisy & Rose Bouquet

Cash & Carry Bouquet!3 stalks yellow Daisy mix with 3 stalks white-pink Roses arm bouquet.Kindly..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

CC03 - Roses Bouquet (Cash & Carry) In Stock

CC03 - Roses Bouquet (Cash & Carry)

Cash & carry bouquet!3 stalks red Roses and 2 stalks light pink Roses arm bouquet.Colour option ..

RM45.00 Ex Tax: RM45.00

CC04 - Sweet Romance (Cash & Carry) In Stock

CC04 - Sweet Romance (Cash & Carry)

Cash & Carry bouquet!1 stalks purple Rose and 3 stalks light pink Roses arm bouquet.Kindly note ..

RM40.00 Ex Tax: RM40.00